this is me every 3 hours

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"After wrapping Guardians of the Galaxy I was very homesick and I was coming home to my wife and my son, who at the time was 13 months old. My wife told me ‘Hey, listen there’s a chance he may not recognize you and he may be a little shy’ and so I came in there, and he just sat right up and had this big smile on his face. He started saying ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy!’ and I just started to cry. He saw the tears in my eyes and started doing bits to make me laugh and that just made me cry more."

- Chris Pratt on the best day of his life.

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it’s been exactly 10 years since Rachel got off that plane and I’m still not over it.

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I promised myself if this hit my dash again I’d reblog it. I miss this show.

I’ve always wanted to eat at Bueno Nacho. 

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i  s o l e m n l y  s w e a r  t h a t  i  a m  u p  t o  n o  g o o d

                                                             p ǝ ƃ ɐ u ɐ ɯ  ɟ ǝ ı ɥ ɔ s ı ɯ

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Vincent van Gogh - From ‘Almond Blossoms’ Series (1888-1890)

I have a poster of the red one yayy (and I just realized I put it upside down)


They’re going on an adventure!

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Aziz Ansari is like the king of callouts.

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